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Cycling node network

Discover the freedom to pedal at your own pace and explore magnificent landscapes by bike, thanks to our knot points. Let yourself be guided by these numbered markers and experience the adventure of bicycle touring in all its simplicity.

It's never been easier

get on your bike

Would you like to create pleasant memories in the company of family and friends? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a keen cyclotourist or just taking your first steps. Thanks to the node system, exploring the Terres-de-Meuse by bike becomes a simple process.

A node designates a crossroads that facilitates cycle touring. It is distinguished by a number and a landmark (in the form of a sign) that orientates you during your journey by showing you the direction to take. Typically, the average distance between each node is around 5 to 8 kilometers.

In practice, the first step is to choose a route by locating the node number where you start your bike tour. Then all you have to do is write down the numbers to follow the route to your final destination. You can also plan a route where the starting point differs from the finishing point.

The Province of Liège Tourism Federation has produced a comprehensive map covering the entire Province of Liège network. This map is available for purchase for the modest price of €2 at the offices of your Maison du Tourisme.