Promenade en poussetteJeunes parents souriant promenant bébé en poussette dans un parc

5 ideas for stroller-friendly outings

Your children dream of fresh air and space?

Good news: Terres-de-Meuse offers 5 fun and unusual stroller-accessible walks for the whole family.

1. Marsh Tree Frog Walk

La promenade de la Rainette des Marais is an easy walk, ideal for families, even with young children.

This circuit starts at the Village du Saule site, a magnificent wetland area enhanced by pontoons over ponds, an observation tower, willow mazes and a playground for the little ones. A good time to complete the walk.

Distance: 4.8 km
Starting point: Village du Saule – 48 Rue du Moulin 4261 Braives
Markings: green rectangle (in good condition)

2. The Dicque circuit

Through Hesbaye paths and tracks, the Dicque walk follows the Yerne, the local waterway. The Dicque trail has been enhanced with an educational trail that provides information on the environments crossed, the flora and fauna.

This walk takes you through the Hesbaye countryside and Haneffe, a village rich in rural heritage.

Distance: 5.7 km
Starting point: 4 Rue Ribatte 4357 Donceel
Beaconing: White arrow, blue symbol

3. The Wachnet promenade

An easy, family-friendly walk in the heart of the Hesbaye and Geer basin. The Wachnet natural site has been specially designed: the 2.7 km walk crosses duckboards in the heart of a wetland of great biological interest. The route over these wooden pontoons and the croaking of the frogs will delight the little ones.

This easy circuit is made up of several small interlocking loops. No need for signposts. If you always turn right at every junction, you’ll be right back where you started.

Distance : 2.7 km
Starting point : 42 Rue de Petit-Axe 4300 Waremme
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4. The Gallo-Roman Vicus

This beautiful 5 km walk starts at the Chapelle de Vervoz near Ocquier. The Chapelle Saint-Hubert is built opposite the Château de Vervoz and borders a small pond. An enchanting place! This walk will enable you to discover this magnificent listed hamlet and its surroundings. It is accessible to PRM and baby carriages, and is very easy with children.

Distance : 5 km
Start : Chapelle de Vervoz
Markings : blue vertical rectangle

5. The Village of Modave

This Condroz walk takes you on a discovery tour of Modave. The itinerary follows the two drèves that join Modave’s magnificent castle, up to the village.

The route is accessible to people with reduced mobility, very easy, but it’s not entirely asphalted. A lovely walk for the whole family!

Distance: 2.7 km
Start: Modave church
Markings: blue cross

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