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Domaine Vins des Cinq

On the heights of Couthuin, rue des Theysses, not far from Château de la Vignette, on the slopes of the Meuse, lies Domaine Vins des Cinq.

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Ju on the road

Didn’t know there were vineyards in Terres-de-Meuse? Yes, there are! XXV is a family project initiated by 5 brothers and sister. Renaud, Denis, Damien, Jérôme Grégoire and their sister Dominique recently acquired 15 hectares of farmland. A unique project in the region, set in exceptional surroundings. Between fields and woods, the Domaine is a true haven of peace, with a future accommodation project, a luxurious gite that can accommodate 12 people.

We met Jérôme Grégoire and his wife, to hear about their family project!

Project presentation

“Domaine Vins des Cinq is a family project that began 4 years ago. Already owners of the woods, we were able to acquire, as a family, the plots located right next door. It was then that we began to think about different projects to be carried out on this magnificent 140-hectare valley.

As we studied the possibilities, we learned that 10 ares of vines had already been planted on this land in the past. It’s true that the location of the plots offers very good conditions: south-facing, a slight slope and stony soil. We therefore carried out analyses which proved to be very positive. In fact, schist can be found at a depth of 50 cm, an ideal criterion for planting vines!

The adventure really began in April 2018 with the planting of a first 4-hectare plot. This represented 15,250 vines, of classic but exceptional grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Müller-Thurgau). This first step was followed in April 2019 by the planting of a further 600 Chardonnay vines. Ultimately, we aim to make white wine and bubbles following organic farming principles.”

Wines and bubbles on site

“Once the vines have been planted, the grapes are harvested 3 years later. We call this the “third-leaf harvest”. We definitely want to make our own wine, but to do so we need to amortize the construction of the future winery. A place that will be used for vinification and located between the house (the gîte) and the woods. That’s why, last May, we planted a new 3.5-hectare plot. 12,000 new vines of Chardonnay and Pinot gris, which will enable us to produce more bottles and thus recoup our costs.

Biological domain

“Concerned about respecting nature and its ecosystem, our wine is produced following the principles of organic farming: no chemical weedkillers, pesticides or fertilizers are used. We began this process at the planting stage, so the 2021 harvest is already certified organic!

Production began in 2021, as our winery had not yet been built. The first bottles of organic white and sparkling wine began in 2022. Our goal is to produce thirty to forty thousand bottles. These could be produced within four or five years.”

Why include a gite
in your wine project?

“From the outset, we wanted to share this exceptional place as a whole, between woods and vineyards, with this exceptional view over the Meuse Valley. Currently being recognized, this modern double gite has 3 and 5 bedrooms (4 and 8 beds), which can be booked together or separately.

This gite overlooking the property allows us to offer wine tourism experiences: a stay amidst the vines combined with a tour of the estate and winery, and finally, wine tastings. These experiences are part of our service offering for our B&B guests.

We have also begun collaborating with local artisans. Part of our land is farmed by “Le Miel des Petits Talus”, who have installed beehives.”