The Owl Distillery - Belgian Owl WhiskyThe Owl Distillery - Belgian Owl Whisky
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Discover a Belgian Terroir whisky that has won multiple medals, been voted Europe’s Best Single Malt Whisky 3 times in 10 years, and ranked 5th best whisky in the world in 2023.

Archive the world of an exceptional product, its terroir of origin and its artisanal manufacturing process. The distillery farm, in the heart of the barley fields, reveals the different stages of a recognized and medal-winning whisky.

A 100% Belgian whisky

Belgian Owl is a distillery based in Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher, showcasing an exceptional terroir through its Single Malt Whisky. This authentic adventure focuses on Belgian know-how, using only local barley grown under sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices. Distillation takes place in two Scottish stills, respecting a pact with nature to create a 100% terroir whisky.

The Hesbaye region proves to be the perfect cradle for their magnificent whisky, in the purest Scottish tradition while remaining firmly rooted in Belgian Terroir.

The owl

A symbol of the distillery, the owl reflects its philosophy.

In ancient Greece, it symbolized knowledge and wisdom.
Knowledge, to make whisky, wisdom to taste it.