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Surprising spirits

Pastis, whisky, gin, rum… the mere mention of these beverages rarely transports us to Belgium. Yet, in the heart of the Terres-de-Meuse region, there are some outstanding producers who defy this expectation, some of whom have even won prestigious awards. This astonishing exploration reveals that the treasures of Belgium’s terroir extend far beyond our usual taste buds.

Belgian pastis

4-time medallist

Let yourself be surprised by the summer freshness of Pastis Ardent BIO, a delicate fusion of aniseed and a vegetal palette. The subtle addition of licorice offers a sweetness that dances on the palate. The fruit of a complex harmony of over 10 plants, this beverage is meticulously crafted in their exclusive workshops, infusing a Liège touch to your summer aperitif moments.

For the ultimate experience, revel in this treasure by lengthening it with fresh water (up to 5 volumes). Ice cubes, meanwhile, invite themselves into the water container rather than directly into the glass.

Beyond its Organic* label, Noblesse is committed through its ingredients to producing excellence far removed from industrial methods. Benefiting from expertise forged over the years, Maison Noblesse invites you to savor products that have stood the test of time, whose gustatory and beneficial qualities are indisputable today.

After winning first prize at the competition in Frankfurt in 2020, conquering first place at an international competition in Brussels in 2021, and winning the gold medal in Lyon in 2022, this aniseed-flavored beverage has just been crowned gold once again in Lyon for the year 2023, adding another star to its record of achievements.