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Interview : Laurent Coune

Le Coune'ke, local bistro

Take advantage of our interview with Laurent Coune, owner of the local bistro Coune’ke in Hannut, to find out more about the restaurant serving Belgian specialities!

the Coune'ke

bistrot de terroir
  • How does our beautiful region inspire your cooking?

We’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, with a multitude of landforms, colors and fields as far as the eye can see. Our cuisine aims to be generous, convivial and a reflection of what we see every day.

  • What product(s) from Terres-de-Meuse do you prefer to cook?

We work a lot with meat from our farmers, especially beef.

  • Which local producers do you usually work with?

La ferme Christophe de Fexhe, la ferme du Pont de Villers-le-Peuplier but also small producers for eggs, cheese, etc. from our local producers.

  • What’s your specialty?

Since we set up shop, we’ve been offering our own cured knuckle of ham and BBB prime rib. Before that, already in our foodtruck, LE Burger Coune ke( all local):
*Homemade bread Boulangerie “Aux Délices”
*BBB beef meats ferme Christophe
*Homemade sauce with eggs from BOLLY in Ville en Hesbaye
*Fries from Comijn farm

  • As a Bistrot de terroir, what good tips do you give to passing visitors?

The many walks, Mrs. Dardenne’s collection of boxes (the largest in Europe) at Grand-Hallet and the water mill right next door, the Burdinale park with its magnificent flora and fauna.

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