Bleu Cobalt céramiqueBleu Cobalt céramique
©Marie Beaudry

Interview : Bleu Cobalt


Marie Beaudry’s research focuses on porcelain, and for many years she has been creating utilitarian and sculptural objects such as plates, bowls, tiles, lighting fixtures and more.

Cobalt blue

I’m Marie Beaudry, ceramist with the Bleu Cobalt studio. I also offer workshops and courses based on porcelain techniques and decoration.

  • How did you come to realize this passion?

My passion for working with clay came as a child. With my parents, we collected clay from a pond in Ossogne, which is how I made my first clay objects. Art was an important part of the family home and had a special place. Continuing to create works and show them off gives me satisfaction, pleasure in admiring my surroundings and sharing.

  • What does your art consist of?

On the one hand, my work consists of creating utilitarian objects. On the other, I like to teach technical mastery right through to the surprises of firing. In this way, through the movements of clay, allow those who try to express themselves and create a singular object.

  • Where is your workshop located?

The “Bleu de Cobalt” workshop is located rue fond du fourneau n°15 in Marchin. You can discover my creations, as well as the courses and workshops on offer, via the website: . My creations are also on display at the Andenne museum (store side).