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Thursday in Hesbaye

An early-morning walk

Wake up early for an invigorating walk! Ampsin and its former mining industries will reveal their charms through the Promenade Les Maîtres du feu. A hilly and varied route, enhanced by numerous paths and passages through the woods. You’ll also take part of the route of the former Verlaine-Ampsin vicinal.

The plus:On arriving at the Ampsin quarry, leave the itinerary and enjoy this nature reserve where nature has reclaimed its rights. A change of scenery guaranteed.

Envy of an easier circuit, ideal for children, then let’s do the tour of the Amay gravel pit. This lake, recognized as a Wetland of Biological Interest, is landscaped with reedbeds, gently sloping banks, a walking trail, tree and shrub plantings. No fewer than 120 bird species have been recorded on the site.

Time for a break

How about a picnic in Italy? With Bianca Collina’s delicatessen, you can fill up on delicious Mediterranean products. A change of scenery guaranteed for a gourmet lunch.

A facade unique in Europe

Jehay Castle

The historical heritage of the Terres-de-Meuse region is rich in sites and monuments. Starting at 2pm, head for the Château de Jehay. Surrounded by a moat, this castle is a rare example of the Mosan style. Its checkerboard façade is unique in Europe. The “Cabinet de curiosités de Jehay” and temporary exhibitions allow visitors to discover two particular aspects of this vast and remarkable collection of works of art owned by its former owners. A bridge leads to the “Italian-style” gardens, featuring remarkable trees, linden avenues, water features and bronze sculpture. Don’t miss the former 19th-century kitchen garden, an inviting place to daydream.

Immerse yourself in Belgian whisky!

Place aux gourmets

The scent of whisky has whetted your appetite, and you’d like to spend a special moment together? Philippe Fauchet and his wife offer delicious takeaway menus. A pure, inventive and modern cuisine, to put stars in your eyes!

Artusi is a warm trattoria with an atypical decor where you can immerse yourself in the best of Italian lifestyle. Don’t miss their delicious takeaway pizzas!

Maybe you prefer Mediterranean cuisine? Go to Jardin du Sud!