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Discover the Condroz

It’s been a while since I wanted to tell you about a region that’s particularly close to my heart: the Condroz, and more specifically the Terres-de-Meuse. Discover the reportage I did in this region that’s so close to my heart.



The Condroz

An unsuspected wealth

The Condroz landscape is a vast, undulating plateau, with wooded ridges and meadows in the valleys. Livestock breeding and agriculture still play an important role. I know these landscapes well. I was born in the Condroz region, in Clavier to be precise, and it was here that I developed a taste for nature and hiking. I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with the Terres-de-Meuse Tourist Office and produce a report on the land of my childhood.

Hamlets and villages with character, Romanesque churches or castles from different eras, the Condroz is incredibly rich in terms of its built heritage. Vervoz, Saint-Fontaine, Saint-Séverin, petit Modave, Vyle, Tibiémont… are some of the gems where I stopped.

In my report, you’ll realize this natural and patrimonial wealth and you’ll discover among other things two pretty walks, one of which passes by the famous Modave castle.

Beautiful encounters

This report was also punctuated by lovely encounters and culinary discoveries that confirm the hospitality of Condrusians and their art of magnifying local produce.

Where to have an aperitif in a nice place, where to eat, will no longer hold any secrets for you after reading the article.

Ah, yes, you’ll also find my fascinating encounters with Jean-Marie & Jacqueline Hoyou-Lamer, beekeepers at Clos des abeilles in Terwagne. And the one with Roger Divan, who makes cider in the Vallée du Triffoy (Marchin).

The Condroz in video