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The Velexplorers

Discovering the Terres-de-Meuse also means exploring its wide-open spaces and lush greenery!

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Ju on the road

What does Vélexploreurs involve?

I’ve discovered a perfect activity that combines scenic-rich rides with discovery… Les Vélexploreurs!”

Discover the vast horizons of the Burdinale-Mehaigne Nature Park, the Geer, Meuse and Condroz valleys with a respectful and environmentally-friendly means of mobility: the electrically-assisted bicycle.

From July to September, the Maison du Tourisme Terres-de-Meuse invites you to hop on an electric bike and follow Marc, a guide with a passion for nature and the region. He’ll plunge you into the heart of the Hesbaye region, its agricultural wealth, its history and the flora and fauna that inhabit it, or into the valleys of the Condroz. Each walk is guided and commented according to a theme, and takes you to discover a craftsman, a producer or one of the many treasures our region holds.

Electric-assist bicycles

The Vélexploreurs advantage? The electric bike! As well as being an environmentally-friendly means of mobility, the electric-assist bike is also within everyone’s reach! What’s more, it’s easy to cover long distances without too much effort… Pretty cool! Contrary to popular belief, electric-assist bicycles are not mopeds, so you still have to pedal!

But depending on the level of assistance you want, you may find it easier or harder to climb hills, from Eco to Turbo mode… And that’s a HUGE plus point!

My Vélexploreurs experience

In 2021, under a beautiful clear sky, the mercury was almost 27°C. Perfect weather for an electric bike ride with the Vélexploreurs, or how to rediscover the pleasure of cycling, while discovering little-known paths in the Hesbaye region!

Once the group is equipped and safety instructions have been given, it’s off! The day’s program includes discovering “Mother Nature”. From the very first moments of the walk, we plunge into the heart of the verdant Hesbaye, in search of the many edible plants that populate it.

Around me, fields, flowers, wild grasses… A beautiful bucolic atmosphere just the way I like it.

We take little-traveled roads, typical little country streets surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see. A few times, we stop to listen to Marc speak passionately about the Hesbaye at this time of year. A lover of his region and the Burdinale-Mehaigne Nature Park, he tells us about Hesbaye’s agricultural and market-gardening riches, as well as the surprising culinary uses of wild summer plants. Oregano, chamomile, wild oats, even peas… I had no idea these plants grew freely along the fields!

We pass through pretty villages and their RAVeL. Burdinne, Lamontzée, Huccorgne, Marneffe, Fallais, Braives… At the bends in the woods, sites listed as Walloon Heritage sites appear before us and invite us to stroll for a while. The Château de Fallais and the old railway station at Braives are among them.

No visit to a producer or meeting with a craftsman this time, as unfortunately we’re still in the deconfinement period, so safety measures still have to be respected. Frankly, even if this is a plus, it doesn’t detract from the pleasure of the walk! This 2h30 ride is easy and accessible to all (the electric assistance helps us with minor difficulties). But above all, you can pedal in complete safety, as the roads are tarmac and, in the middle of the countryside, not much used by motorists.

In short, a favorite activity!”

How to take part in Vélexploreurs?

To take part in the Vélexploreurs, it is essential to reserve your place in advance.
On the day itself, it is not possible to join the group without a reservation.
The group is limited to a maximum of 20 people for safety reasons.