Nearly 1000 years of history can be found
in the Feudal Château at Moha

Located in the Meuse valley, between Liège and Namur, the town of Wanze includes 6 villages and one hamlet. Areas reserved for shops, housing and economic activities are being developed. The area presents a modern look and has industrial areas where quarries supplying limestone and a well-known sugar refinery operate. Since 2009, a completely new factory, BioWanze, began producing bioethanol there. It was established close to Père Pire Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge spanning the Meuse.

Careful to reconcile economic development and quality of life, Wanze intends to remain a town where life is good. Integrated into the Parc naturel des vallées de la Burdinale et de la Mehaigne nature reserve, Wanze was able to use the appeal of its rural areas to develop green tourism. Walking routes allow visitors to explore the riches of the region, including the ruins of the Feudal Château at Moha.

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