Burdinne is a small rural town comprising 5 villages (Burdinne, Hannêche, Lamontzée, Oteppe, Marneffe) which partly covers Hesbaye land and particularly along the Burdinale. This small yet turbulent river has carved out a narrow, densely wooded valley which is reminiscent of the Ardennes. Walking there, you have a good chance of coming across deer and wild boar.

Maison du Parc

The town is in the Vallées de la Burdinale et de la Mehaigne nature reserve and is home to the Maison du Parc. Located in the heart of the village of Burdinne, in a typical 18th century Hesbaye farm, a number of activities take place related to raising environmental awareness and regional products (market, educational orchard, Pain Bière Fromage [Bread, Beer, Cheese] fair, conferences, training...).


Hirondelle Camp Site

The village of Oteppe is also home to the "Hirondelle" camp site, one of the most important resort centres in Wallonia, featuring a recreational pool with thrilling slides.