This town is composed of 8 villages (Avennes, Braives, Ciplet, Fallais, Fumal, Latinne, Tourinne and Ville-en-Hesbaye) and several small hamlets (Hosdent, Brivioule, Pitet) which are very pretty. Hormis Tourinne which is located on the Hesbaye plateau, while the other villages extend into the peaceful Mehaigne valley. The agricultural plateaux with vast open landscapes are followed by the gentle slopes of the Mehaigne covered with meadows, woodland and poplars.

Braives forms part of the Parc Naturel des Vallées de la Burdinale et de la Mehaigne reserve. Visitors here will discover varied flora and fauna, villages with remarkable heritage (châteaux of Fumal and Fallais, the mills of Fallais, Stwerdu...). The Ravel 127 trail runs through the valley and makes it possible to explore all these sites.

Willow village, local market

Since 2012, the Willow Village in Hosdent, among other activities, has placed this tree, emblematic of the valley, in the spotlight. Braives is a vibrant and active community with a very dynamic local market on Wednesday afternoons on the former Braives station site.

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