The Condroz

Livestock farming, stone construction

The Condroz, livestock farming, is characterised by repeated woody ridges (tiges) and small valleys (chavées) covered in meadows. Housing in the Condroz is grouped, with many hamlets to accompany the villages. Several square courtyard farms dominate the towns, stone is much more prevalent than in surrounding regions. Courtyard farms are rarer than in Hesbaye, but often more imposing to the point that we tend to call them here castle farms.

Rando Condroz network

Through mountains and valleys, come and explore the Condroz-Liège area via a network of 65 trails for walkers, mountain bikers and horse-riders! Go deep into the enchanting forests; skip along meadows and fields of wheat, flax and rye; listen to the murmuring rivers and the whirring of little waterfalls; take in superb landscapes; pass through villages with well-preserved architecture.