The Burdinale-Mehaigne Natural Park

The Burdinale-Mehaigne Natural Park is located on the banks of the Meuse, on the Hesbaye plateau, in the triangle formed by the cities of Huy, Andenne and Hannut. 

This park covers 11,000 ha of remarkable landscapes, varied ecosystems, typical villages and exceptional sites. The rivers from which it takes its name, the Burdinale and Mehaigne, give rise to two very different valleys, containing Natura 2000 classified sites. The territory thus offers varied, signposted walks (hiking, mountain biking, cycling and horse riding), rich in exceptional fauna and flora.

With its remarkable natural, historical, cultural and architectural heritage, such as castles and historic farms, this Natural Park is a privileged place for resorts and diffuse tourism, respectful of the environment and rural life.

The Park also benefits from the RAVeL path “Traversine” from Hannut to Huccorgne. Similarly, a playful and educational route project accessible to the mobility disabled will be launched in 2020.