Hesbaye and the Geer Valley

Agricultural land, courtyard farms

The Hesbaye-Liège plateau is characterised by old village centres, dominated by a church and occasionally a château, in some locations more than 6 farms in a row can be explored. The villages of Warnant and Momalle are important for exactly this reason. The Hannut plateau, to the north, is part of this Hesbaye area, known as Brabant and which boasts some of the most imposing Walloon courtyard farms in the region.

Its open landscape, specifically, offers an unlimited view of the sky and a mosaic of colours in the patchwork of the fields.

Meadows, wetlands

The valleys of the Geer and the Yerne offer a different landscape with large meadows studded with poplars or willows, which are certainly worth walking through.

The Geer is one of the main tributaries on the left bank of the Meuse, passing through the Terres-de-Meuse for its entire length. Its sources are located at Abolens and Lens-Saint-Remy (Hannut). The Yerne and the Mule are its main tributaries.