Flora and fauna

The diverse nature of the landscapes and sub-soils promoted huge biodiversity.
Travelling along our pathways you will come across unexpected sights, but remember to just look and not touch as these wonders are fragile.


Forests, limestone areas, sunny rocks, wetlands, the diversity of the natural environment promotes the growth of numerous plant species with often spectacular blooms.
You will be able to admire hundreds of, sometimes rare, species simply by following our signposted trails.


Each year, from the castle farm of Hermalle-sous-Huy, two nature walks, as well as training session, will allow you to familiarise yourself with the wild mushrooms found in the area. The town of Verlaine also has a mushroom festival in September.


You might not necessarily associate the Condroz and Hesbaye with biodiversity. However, our region is home to several natural sites, providing refuge for highly diverse and often extremely rare species.

The only insectarium in Wallonia, Hexapoda, reveals the insect world to visitors, with a permanent exhibition, as well as temporary exhibits.


Deer, foxes, wild rabbits... it's not unusual to come across one of these mammals while out on a trail.
What's more, they have even inspired the names of some our trails.


Newts, toads, frogs and salamanders, fragile species still living in this area.

Crenwick, Wachnet site, near Brion, Hoyoux Valley... with a bit of patience you might be able to see them in these different locations.


Our region is a veritable "hotspot" recognised by ornithologists. In the forests (black woodpecker, tawny owl...), in the meadows (kestrel, corn bunting, partridge...), or in the wetlands (little grebe, kingfisher...).

The former sedimentation basins in Hollogne-sur-Geer and the gravel pit in Amay are unmissable birdwatching sites.