Architectural ensembles


The region offers important and varied heritage. There are not just one-off examples from all eras but also architectural ensembles which, linked to their natural and historic environment, entice people to find out more about certain periods of history. Many villages speak, better than any book could, of the history of their inhabitants. Warnant, Vieux-Waleffe, Limont, Haneffe, Donceel, Chapon-Seraing, Bodegnée, Viemme, Geer and Hollogne-sur-Geer or the centre of Berloz retain a part of their historic centre which includes a château in keeping with the church, farms and old village houses. An ensemble like the hamlet of Saives (Faimes) with its chapel and two castle farms reminds us of the glory of the 18th century, the age of Enlightenment.

Nature reserve

In the Nature reserve of the Budrinale and Mehaigne valleys, we have the villages and hamlets of Couthuin, Marsinne, Lavoir, Envoz, Fumal, Burdinne, Huccorgne, Hosdent which retain lovely rural ensembles.


In Condroz, Vervoz is without doubt one of the most balanced architectural and environmental sites. Linchet, Barse, Terwagne, Marchin, Jamagne, Villers-le-Temple, Saint-Fontaine, Pailhe and particularly Ocquier are villages which have been able to preserve their traditional architecture in spite of an increasing influence of urbanisation.