Top 10 activities when it rains

We have prepared a little selection of things to do
in Terres-de-Meuse when the sun doesn't shine.
Such a great list that you'll almost want it rain!


1. Cultural outing

Farewell to old clichés! Museums are not dusty places filled with old knick-knacks. 

On topics of food, writing, life in the old days, archaeology, insects...or head off in search of châteaux or keeps, as you will see, there are so many activities in Terres-de-Meuse.

Get in touch with the cultural centres in the region, it's not unusual to find spaces at the last minute.

2. Escape

We're not telling you to leave Terres-de-Meuse, absolutely not, there's nowhere better to be! ;-)
What we're talking about escaping an "escape game".

For those not yet familiar with the concept, an "escape game" is a game to play with friends or family. Generally, in a team of 2-6 players, you are locked into a themed room and you have an hour to get out.

A good story, puzzles and the feeling, once you leave, that you have given your brain a workout, this is what the "escape game" at Omal, at Moha or Wish you Lock at Avins is all about.

3. If it's wet...

Why not, just dive right in?

Several pools are available in Terres-de-Meuse. Huy, Wanze, Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Waremme, Crisnée... jump in!

It's also worth noting that the largest pool complex is Wallonia is currently being built in Hannut.

4. Catch a movie

The classic thing to do on a rainy day, the cinema is often the number one option!

For fans of the 7th art, we are fortunate to have two small yet charming cinemas, the Kihuy in Huy or the Variétés in Waremme, last single screen cinema in the region.
So, slip into the darkened room and let yourself be whisked away by the latest films.

In February, there is even a cinema pass available in Waremme for the most avid film fans among you.

5. Keep the kids busy with fun activities

If the weather is bad for several days, keeping the kids busy and allowing them let off steam will definitely be a lifesaver.

Play areas with slides, ball pools, tunnels, trampolines, mazes, obstacles, ... in short anything they can climb, jump, and get them to unwind and have fun! Make the most of the three indoor leisure centres in Terres-de-Meuse:
- Château d'Ice in Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse
- Forêt de Popy in Amay
- L'atelier in Braives

Popy Aventure, in the town of Amay also has other recreational activities such as a Laser Game and black light minigolf.

Bowling, at Waremme or Huy, is a great fun alternative that is also suitable for children.

6. Enjoy a nice meal!

Is it raining? Never mind, it's the ideal opportunity to check out some of the restaurants or taverns and take the time to discover the wonderful flavours of our region.

Three Michelin-starred restaurants, four regional bistros, and an array of other places to eat a fine meal and enjoy the diversity offered by our wonderful region.

Go on and enjoy!

7. Treat yourself

Bad weather is the perfect pretext to give yourself a treat. Re-energise yourself, on a rainy day, at the Naxhelet wellness centre in Wanze.

You can also make the most of it to enjoy a massage at Escale Bien-Être in Verlaine or Posément Couleurs in Faimes. 

Doesn't that feel good?

8. Spot of shopping

For sure, there's no better way to lift your spirits than some retail therapy when it's raining.

Maybe you need to buy an umbrella, or perhaps a nice new pair of shoes, the shopping options are great in Terres-de-Meuse.

From small boutiques to big name labels, the towns of Hannut, Amay, Waremme, Huy or the shopping malls of Saint-Georges - Verlaine are sure to have just what you're looking for.

9. Take to the water

It's raining? But we won't let it get the better of us

Mini-cruises, gourmet cruises, firework cruises or even cultural cruises, there's something for everyone on the Val Mosan boat (from May to September).

Who knows, you might feel like you're on an Ark!

10. And if we dare...

And why not brave it and simply go for a stroll in the rain?

It has its own charm and then the rain isn't such a bad thing.
The paths will be quieter, you can enjoy the sweet smell of the rain and you might even spot a rainbow - that'd be really cool.

Did you know that rain is charged with negative ions which help to refresh the air, helping to reduce asthma and even chronic fatigue?