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Box Terres-de-Meuse

Whether as a gift, a thank-you or a surprise, the Maison du Tourisme’s local produce boxes are always a pleasure to share.

The pleasure of giving

Generous lands of beautiful and good products, the Terres-de-Meuse display a gourmet and epicurean nature; know-how is plentiful and of the highest quality!”

Daring people in search of new flavors will find in this box a dozen quality and surprising products and goodies such as goji berry chocolate, saffron vinegar or artisanal soap.

This product is available in two formulas: either a discovery box or the prestige box.

So, ready for an unforgettable taste and discovery experience?

How do I reserve a box?

Via the button above

By email ( phone (085 21 29 15)

On site (Quai de Namur, 1 – 4500 Huy)

Are you a company and would like to offer boxes to your customers/workers? Contact us